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Re: CrossFit Ventura

By no means is this an attempt to steal away your clientele. It seems to me that you may have taken it that way. I can very possibly be mistaken.

I think that it is great that you offer classes in the park. I am sure that the people that attend benefit from it. I simply wanted let any one know that was a former member of CF Thousand Oaks that there is a fully operational CF Affiliate right down the 101 in Ventura. I was looking through your website and see that you are limited in some of your CF capabilities by being in the park. I know that when you open your own box you will be fully equipped to provide the proper environment to fully accommodate any CF WOD. I was just concerned with anyone who is dedicated to making CF a lifestyle that they should have the opportunity to train all of the movements that CF involves so that they can maximize the fitness that CF has to offer. For example, Olympic lifts, power lifts, and gymnastics movements. These are critical to becoming a complete CrossFitter.

I was also disappointed to hear that you will not be participating in the affiliate FGB Fundraiser at CF Westlake this weekend. It is a great opportunity to get together for some health competition for a great cause and unify as a CF Community here in the Ventura County Area.

I wish you all the best in your future as an affiliate.
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