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Re: Some advice for my wife please.

Thanks for the input. Yeah we both eat a lot of fruit. Mostly apples, grapefruit, blueberries, strawberries and cantaloupe. We also eat green veggies also. That may be one of her problems but I have manipulated my nutrition enough through the years where I know what works for me. I am actually one of those weird people who can eat a lot of white potatoes and bananas and lean out . I actually notice that when I add in more fruit and white potatoes I start to lean out. I know that goes against everything but it's true. I am having great success with the Zone and love it. i am already very lean but I really like the way I feel on The Zone. I was looking more for the performance aspect rather then the weight loss.I am mainly trying to get her in the groove. I told her to give it two weeks , then after that I'll have her reduce the fruit. She only gained four pounds but I think seeing me lose four kind of discouraged her. Thanks for all you guy's input . I really appreciate it.

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