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Re: Some advice for my wife please.

Originally Posted by Ian Carver View Post
I am waiting on an answer for this one too, if anyone out there has one. I am in the same exact position with my wife and I am trying to keep her from getting discouraged. It worked well for her for a while, now a major plateau. We recalculated everything, went back to strict numbers, and are waiting to see some results. I posted the same question on the Zone website, but haven't gotten anything solid back for an answer yet.

Anyone have any input for us?
I seem to do better eating more fat. If your wife is eating straight fat blocks, try doubling the fat blocks and keep the protein and carb the same.

If she's training CF 4x/week, she may be slowing her metabolism down too much with so few calories. Try upping the fat.

The other suggestion is to make sure you take measurements. If she is putting muscle on, the scale may not reflect her actual fat loss, but measurements and the fit of her clothes might. My scale weight hasn't changed much from a year ago, but my body is completely different and I lost 2 dress sizes.

Finally, tell your wife patience is required. The scale doesn't always reward us on our schedule. It takes persistence and time. Lots of time.

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