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Some advice for my wife please.

My wife and I have recently started the Zone. We have been eating healthy for a long time and neither of us is overweight. We basically have been eating "zone friendly" foods all along but never actually did the calculations in the book till recently. I just did it to see if I felt different since I am happy with my current weight and BF%. My wife on the other hand is trying to lose 15-20 lbs. She is currently 142 at 5'6 and she is 25 yrs old. So we did all the calculations and took the measurements and we came out with 10 blocks for her and 15 blocks for me. In the past week i dropped 4 pounds, actually look leaner and feel as if I have filled out more around the chest and shoulders. i was shocked at such a change in a week. My wife gained a few pounds and is kind of discouraged, she trains CF 4 times a week right now ( she is just getting familiar with the WO's). 10 blocks is not a lot of food, and all we use is chickenbreasts, fish, egg whites, oatmeal(breakfast only) fruits, veggies and nuts. Thats it. I know a week is not enough time for her to see a change. But has anyone else noticed a weight gain at first?
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