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Re: Suppliments advice

I teach health and nutrition, as well as sell nutrional supplements, and I can say honestly if you are looking for gains, the best thing is a sound diet (zone) and following the WOD. If you are concerned with health, know that eating healthy is not always going to meet all of your nutrional needs. Everyone handles nutrients differently, and some people need the extra boost of the correct vitamins and minerals for them. For example, some people might not need to take Iron with a multi-vitamin, and some people might gain from consuming a mineral boost as well. Everyone can benefit from anti-oxidants.

Just because you feel good when your young from consistantly eating healthy, doesn't mean that preventative medicine (supplements) won't help you down the road. You chain the oil in your car don't you? Good oil and good gas, with no regular maintenance doesn't make a classic car.
All I am saying is doing your research before you buy. The 16 year old kid at GNC selling you the same crap that last 20 customers bought doesn't make it a good product!
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