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Re: Suppliments advice

I'm with coach Glassman in my supplement recommendations. The only thing I've heard him recommend is fish oil.

According to the NSCA caffeine and creative are the only safe and effective supplements, caffeine for boosting cardiovascular output 5% (think 6k row for example) and creatine for 5% boost in low-rep strength, yet caffeine can dehydrate you while creatine causes you to take on water weight.

According to coach Rippetoe whole milk is the best thing around if you're going for strength and muscle mass but that's arguably not a supplement.

Personally I use caffeine and fish occasionally, that's it. Like the other commenters suggest, dialing in your Zone diet and following the WODs make 90-99% the difference, supplements affect only the last few % your performance and aren't worth worrying about.
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