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Re: Suppliments advice

David is correct, his whole post is spot on. Because I feel like typing on a rest day here you go.

1. Don't touch supplements until you dial in your nutrition and workouts. On a brief note: How will you know what is working if you do everything at the same time? If you start the Zone, CF, and take creatine, how do you know what is causing gains?

2. Fish oil is not a supplement, it's food. I take 10 caps a day. I transitioned from Carlson's fish oil to Costco enteric coated fish oil caps about 2 months ago. I take 2 caps with every meal (5 meals a day 10 caps).

3. Protein powder (whey and casein mix) makes life easier. It also makes cottage cheese and plain yogurt taste better. Make sure your getting just protein, not a meal replacement drink. I mix it with a iced green tea base, mixed frozen berries, and almond butter (of course I have 2 fish oil caps with this). This is a fast and easy to make snack. You could also throw protein powder in a bottle and throw a few in the car. In an emergancy (cant find decent food), buy some mixed nuts and a piece of fruit, add water, and you have a decent Zone compliant meal.

4. Drink green and white tea. Again, a food with tons of benifits. At least 2 cups a day.

5. Low fat chocolate milk has the same Carb/protein profile as most "post workout" drinks. Its also cheaper. You don't need this but if you were thinking of wasting big bucks on post workout nutrition, I saved you some money. Google this and you will find studies.

6. Creatine. More and more studies find benefits to supplementing with creatine, with no negative side effects (prove me wrong). 5 grams a day, with no loading period of micronized creatine will give you all the benefits. A decent brand (there all the same) should cost you no more than $30 for 1000 grams. That's a pretty decent deal. Don't take this until your dialed in. If you have problems with creatine, stop taking it. It's worth experimenting with. Dump a teaspoon in you morning green tea, and your good to go.

7. BCAA. Now were getting into "do I really need to spend the money" territory. The simple answer is NO. BUT, I use it anyway. It started as an experiment for me. I use Extreme Formulation ICE as directed, during the WOD. I feel I recover better (heck, I'm 45 years old and need any edge I could get). I usually have ICE during the WOD and have breakfast about 30 minutes after the workout (1 omega 3 egg, 1 cup of egg whites, spanish, 1 piece of fruit (I vary this daily, going for variety), and a handful (12 to be exact) of raw almonds or walnuts.

I don't take a multi vitamin, all the stuff I eat and drink, pretty much takes care of that. I choose to spend my money on quality foods. I get organic produce and free range meats, whenever I can. Farmers markets when the season is right. The only expensive supplement I take is ICE. You don't need this, and I will probably drop it after I finish this bottle. Tea, and fish oil are pretty cheap (especially if you are a Costco member, I brought a whopping box of 100 Japanese Green Tea bags). I don't do the chocolate milk thing, but it's cheap. Protein powder is a little pricy, but the convenience is worth it for me. Creatine was 25 bucks for 1000g (AST brand, I believe).

IMO you don't need anything but the fish oil and green/white tea. People will argue protein powder, creatine, and BCAA, all day. Your also going to get your raw milk fans chiming in. All the extras, add up to about 1-2% of the fitness/health thing, don't sweat it. Start with the Zone. Drink tea and take fish oil, add the rest if you want.
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