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Re: Suppliments advice

Hi Jonathan, you're right. It's been discussed lots of times before.

You may get some responses (it's a big board), but there are probably a dozen threads on this . . . just do a search on "supplement" in the "Nutrition" section. (Gotta limit it to that section or you'll get lots of posts about "supplementary" exercises.)

A very brief answer that covers about 50% of the "consensus" opinion:

a) Supplements are pretty much pointless if you don't have the basics of a good diet, exercise, and sleep nailed down.

b) many (most?) of us take a multivitamin of some sort

c) many (again, maybe most) of us supplement with fish oils or other sources of omega-3 (e.g. flax) (although the consensus is that animal sources (i.e., fish) are more effective than flax)

d) some folks like creatine, others find it it just bloats them up (I'm in the second group)

e) some folks use various protein powders. Lots of discussion on that, too.

After those basics, there's a lot more variety of opinion. I try a wide variety of herbal concoctions because I can afford it, and I'm interested in that stuff . . . wouldn't recommend it to everyone, though. Find some of the old discussions if you care that much.
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