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Re: Want to Change my Diet, but where to start?

Originally Posted by Robert Olajos View Post
While you're waiting for the book to come in, start by writing down everything you currently eat, drink, void, etc. in a journal. Don't change ANYTHING yet. Do this for a week, or 3 days at a bare minimum. If you don't do this, a year from now you will literally have no idea what you used to eat. And when you read back through what you used to eat, you'll be amazed that you were able to stay alive.
Ha-ha! Good advice, funny but true. I wish I did that. If you can't wait, you can get this article right now (w/f safe): Crossfit Journal #21
It covers the zone and is geared towards building better WODs and that athletic physique.
By the way, the journal is necessary because the zone book talks of calorie deficit, but no one that is training as hard as we do should do that. If you are WODing consistently, you need the 'blocks' prescribed in the journal.
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