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Re: Want to Change my Diet, but where to start?

Identify the "bad" foods and replace them with good food. Any easy snack for me at work is 6oz of yogurt, and a small handful of mixed nuts. Doesn't sound like much but it last till lunch.

Then train your body/brain that you will only eat a certain times of the day. 3 meals and 2-3 snacks, and not in between. When I get home from work I would have a snack then eat dinner then grab a a handful of something every time I went through the kitchen. I took some will power, but now I can eat only at prescribed times.

Start a account. I don't use it every day though. I will pick a day and track my food, review it at the end of the day then make some changes. Then a week or two later I'll track a day to see where I am at.
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