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Re: Want to Change my Diet, but where to start?

Originally Posted by Brandon Oto View Post

To wit, if you realize that your true and only goal is to look huge as easily as possible, CF is not the best method. And so on.
Nope, although with traditional methods I can get Huge very fast albeit very slow and pathetic when subjected to X-fit. I've only been doing X-fit for a little while (don't remember the exact date I started, but it's been one or two months and some change I think), and in that time I've lost weight and gained/maintained my strength, so I figured the next step was to watch what I put in my mouth in order to further improve my performance. for example, I just increased my max overhead squat to 115 from 65 in a matter of four weeks, I believe that if I improve my nutrition, I can improve those all around stats even more.
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