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Re: The 7 biggest mistakes new CrossFitters Make

Originally Posted by Mark E. Wallace View Post
My version would have been:

1. Not having clear goals; failing to revisit them periodically
2. Not ensuring that the workout program that you're getting on meets those goals; this includes not only what you do but how often you do it.
3. Not ensuring that your nutrition supports those goals; this is more than just "poor diet." It is the right foods, liquids, vitamins, minerals, support your goals, and enough of them.
4. Failing to take periodic breaks from CF; recharge the batteries, sharpen the saw.
5. Failing to find a mentor / coach who can help keep you on track
6. Making it your life; failing to understand that it's just a workout program and that being able to keep doing it long-term means making it an integral part of your life but not your entire life.
7. Failing to make -- and keep -- it fun. Once it becomes just another chore that you "have to go do today," you're at risk of burning out.

- Mark

Nice list that you put together there

I really like it. I think that number 6. and 7. are things that happen after a few months. I typically see the 3-6 month mark people make those mistakes
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