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Re: The 7 biggest mistakes new CrossFitters Make

Originally Posted by Mark E. Wallace View Post
That's a careless (and, really, irresponsible) answer.
I agree with you there Mark. It also kind of assumes that the individual doesn't have the common sense to make their own plan. I would much rather have all of the information and be able to make my own decisions.

I went poking around and did find this right in the sticky.

- "How many rest days do I take? I'm worried that I might be over-training." - For beginners, it's highly recommended to do 1day on 1day off to start with. Work your way up to 2/1 then 3/1. Common workout schedules for those that have been CF'ing for awhile include 3/1, 3/1/2/1, and 5/2. The most simple answer: Listen to your body. You're not going to lose out on strength by taking a rest day. Quoting one of my favorite characters on here Jamie Skibicki... "You don't get fitter from training, you get fitter from recovering from training." A general rule is to do a half-intensity week every 4-6 weeks to give your body some rest, and also do a complete week off from CF every 3 months or so.
Sounds almost exactly like what you're saying.
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