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Re: The 7 biggest mistakes new CrossFitters Make

Originally Posted by James Gist View Post
Not to derail this thread, but I am curious about #4 Mark. Are you talking about some kind of periodization scheme over the course of say 4 weeks...or more like completely take a week off every 2 months.
More like the latter. I handle my time off in a completely unscientific / unplanned manner. Generally though, I try to take some time off (say, a week) whenever I feel any combination of: low motivation, higher than usual fatigue and/or prolonged soreness, borderline or actual injury, or prolonged sub-par performance. In my three years of doing Crossfit, this has amounted to basically a week off every three months; i.e. every quarter. Again though, I don't plan it at all. I take the signals from my body and react accordingly.

I find that taking a week off usually fixes all of this, unless of course there is an injury requiring more time off.

I think it is important to stay active during the week off. Go for walks, ride a bike, go skiing, etc...; something to keep your blood moving and your muscles active. Take a week off, but don't be a downright lazy bum about it. By the same token, don't take your time off by getting on the bike and riding 75 miles every day.

I am just curious because I haven't seen much discussion on taking breaks from Crossfit.
No, I guess it doesn't get discussed all that often.

When I started a year ago I asked the trainer how often people come and he basically said "Come as often as possible".
That's a careless (and, really, irresponsible) answer. If you truly go as often as you can, you most likely will eventually experience the very issues that I described above. You will overwork and/or burn out. You simply won't get the rest that the body requires in order to rebuild from all of the work that you are doing. Remember, one doesn't get stronger in the gym. One gets stronger through the process of recovering from the work done in the gym. If you take "as often as possible" too far, you won't get the chance to recover.

In some sense, treating Crossfit as a long-term endeavor (which one should) is akin to having a long-term job/career. Just as you need a break from your job to recharge both physically and mentally, so do you need a break from CF for the same reasons.

Anyhow, those are my thoughts.


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