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Re: Rebuilding Momma: An Experiment

Originally Posted by Duke McCall View Post
Three of my favorites! (I am partial to the 85% Lindt). Add in frozen strawberries and you have all of my favorites covered. Mix everything together and you have a delicious smoothie. Yum! (Steve, I love frozen blueberries with cottage cheese for breakfast as well--I had no idea anyone else ate this strange, but delicious, combination. We must be wired similarly. ).

But I am the CFH, not Lee Ann. Lee Ann is working hard to figure out what works for her and is doing an amazing job (IMHO). Her food allergies make eating healthy nearly impossible, but she somehow she is making it work.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and say that I am very proud of Lee Ann and to thank you for your support. Lee Ann and I both appreciate it!

Wonderful to hear from you! Kudos to both of you - - participating in the CF program can be difficult just for one in a family and yet you both are doing it! Lee Ann must be so appreciative of your support and understanding!

Chery (my honey) has a rather severe manifestation of Fibromyalgia and is not tolerant of much exercise, so CF in any way, shape, or form, is rather out of the question right now. I plan to introduce it VERY SLOWLY and in stages, as she can handle it. She is a trooper and works very hard also to make my life as her CFH like a king in his castle. I am so blessed!

Take care and Rock On!
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