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Re: Rebuilding Momma: An Experiment

OK, here we go after another long layover. I decided to do the Clean & Jerk workout from last week because now the little one (3 years old) has the stomach flu, so I keep having to run upstairs to deal with various emergencies. As crummy as she feels, she was thrilled to be introduced to ginger ale (I know, but we do not have any Gatorade in the house; the ginger ale was left over from a party when we planned to use it for mixers!). I managed to get through the work out - phew. It woudl be great for my diet to get the stomach flu, but so far no luck!


63-73-83 (existing PR)-83-88(F)-88(F)-83(F)-43 (form work)-43 (form work)

Got to do something about the stiff back. I am really not wanting to bend my knees or take any weight on my lower back these days. Guess it's time to use the stretch trainer that is sitting in the den!
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