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Ok I've been having some really weird things happen to my squats and deadlifts lately. This summer I left to work as a counselor in a summer camp and basically had to stop working out for two months. Before leaving, my numbers were:

Bodyweight 150lbs @ around 11% bodyfat
Squat 205 lbs
Deadlift 190lbs

Coming back from the summer camp in september (can't remember too well, so see this as an approximation) the numbers were:

Bodyweight 150lbs @ a lower BDF (clearly defined six-pack, which I didn't have when I left)
Squat 175 lbs
Deadlift 205 lbs

Now I did not work out at all in the summer (actually 3-4 times, but not enough to make a difference). How is it possible that my body composition changed for the best while I simultaneously lost strenght on my squats and gained strenght on the deadlifts?

And there is more to the mystery. Approximately a month and a half back into training after camp, here are my current numbers:

Bodyweight 150lbs @ more than 10% BDF(no more six-pack)
Squat 205 lbs
Deadlift 315 lbs

These last numbers just don't add up. I don't understand how my deadlift bumped up so much in such little time while my squats seem to be stuck in a plateau.

My diet at camp was bad. It was low-end cafeteria food that would leave anybody with the least concern for health really mad. Now back at home I eat a healthy diet with whole foods, lots of proteins etc. but I know that at the moment I'm not eating enough. I'm probably averaging somewhere between 300-500kcal under my daily needs (rough approximation again, I haven't weighed my food for ages).

I'm 18, and the only sports I practice are parkour and weightlifting.

Thanks in advance for any input you might be able to give me!
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