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Re: Training for sectionals - 3 weeks away!

If there are one or two things that you know you really suck at...I would mix them in as much as possible. You can definitely see an improvement in a few weeks. I'm talking skill-related things like double-unders, muscle-ups, etc. Things that will get better with that mind-muscle memory from repetition.

I agree with one of the other posts about testing your eating/drinking habits on competition day. If you can, schedule a 2 or 3-a-day Saturday or Sunday (followed by at least a day, possibly 2 of rest) and see how your appetite and thirst respond. Eat things that you can easily pack for the Sectional and if anything doesn't sit well, you know not to go that route on game day. Keep in mind that not everyone is out there doing 3 or 4 WODs a day...the Sectional is a day for you to test your training, you shouldn't be training every day like it's a test. Just like marathon many marathons would you run in preparation for it? Probably none at all.

I did a charity CF event (3 WODs in one day) in the Fall and speaking from experience, taking an entire week off may not be the best idea. After a few days with no lifting or working out I literally start to feel weaker and less confident (however, the same might not go for everyone). Also, whether you get in a 2 or 3-a-day or not, nothing can replicate the nerves/anxiety that come along with your first CF competition. Pack extra water because those nerves will make your mouth dry and your bladder small.
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