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25 yrs old, 5'7'' & 300lbs of pure...

exhaustion! Unreal workouts and I have just completed my intro!

I am a former power lifter who always had the wrong mentality of working out. Well, after 4 years of competing then 4 years off of powerlifting training, I thought that I wasn't in that bad of shape. My body fat is 28%, which is where I started originally, except I weighed 180 lbs. I put on some good muscle, but I have always put on fat easily. So easy to lie to yourself isn't it?

So, here I am, looking at cross fit and thinking "Looks easy, but there has to be a catch." The "catch" is the fact that most people, and most is an understatement, have a misguided view on their own physical strengths, as did I. "Pull ups...Im sure I can do at least 5..." not! Pulling up 300 lbs is more difficult than I thought...heck, a simple sit-up is not so easy anymore. Sad, but quite a humbling experience. I used to be the guy to walk in a gym and was as strong as most, if not stronger...that gave me an ego of sorts.

I knew from a friend that does cross fit with me that is was not going to be easy at all...I am glad I listened and I am glad I knew coming in to check my attitude at the door. All I have to say is my friend is a true friend who cares for my health.

After the simple warm-up, with my heart rate already higher than my normal pop fitness cardio sessions, I am told we can start the exercise...."Start the exercise?" I said in complete dismay, "I thought we were almost done!" I made my instructor laugh, but deep down inside, my laughter was a cover for the unholy pain excreting through every single pore of my body.

So, my wod was: push presses, front squats, sumo deadlifts and then wall-balls. Off the subject for one second, I love and am fairly good at wall-balls. After 10 reps of each for my first set, I felt pretty good going into the wall-balls...shouldnt have gone so fast. I thought after the few throws, not bad at all. Now, you all should know I am the guy who pukes after a hard workout...typically when I used to powerlift competitively, I would puke at least once or twice a week from the heavy weights. I don't try and push my body there, it just goes there. Genetics as my father is the same way. We just push until there is nothing left, thus the end result is a visit from our favorite friend, Pukie! After 10 wall things I feel just a little sick. Pukie was paying me a visit, and man did he come to see me in a hurry. No doubt everyone in the gym heard me and the second time I see one of the owners after I am done, I hear " Welcome to Cross fit."

This only made me more excited to continue doing these workouts. I will post weekly updates about my goals, diet, measurements, etc. for those who care.

I look forward to keeping all who read entertained with my days in the gym and what is happening with my new Cross fit lifestyle!
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