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Re: What supplements to take to get the best results

In my opinion the basics are the most tried and true. They also happen to be cheaper than most of the new, whiz bang, results guaranteed, fancy pants stuff that comes out on a daily basis. Here is what I think is a safe bet that won't make you go broke:

1) some form of caffeine before strength training...doesn't necessarily apply or metcons because it might upset your stomach. Dosage depends on tolerance. Also, see the threa in the nutrition section started by Andrea Kirk (I think) about the benefits of caffeine.

2) creatine monohydrate before and after training. I use CGT-10 which has glutamine and taurine in it but there are plenty of regular creatine products out

3) some manner of post-workout protein. I know I lot of purists prefer whole food but I say why not both? I drink a shake on the way home and then eat dinner when I get home.

4) fish oil and multi-vitamin. Why? Because the possible benefits are great and they are super why not? I'm pretty sure I meet my vitamin and mineral needs with food but a multi is a great "just in case" tool. If I excrete most of it then oh well....

That's about it. What is popular at the gym or most expensive is not necessarily best. Muscle tech used to be really expensive and very popular but it was also filled with sugar and fillers. Don't confuse a great advertising campaign with a great product. This goes for companies like progenex as well.

Just I be clear, I'm not coming at this from a scientific position or from an insider position like Chris so I'm simply relying on years of experience. What I can tell you for sure is that most commonly marketed pre-workouts, "hormone boosters", etc, are garbage and have little to no effect other than emptying your bank account. Final verdict: your supps should be just like your can't go wrong with the basics!!
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