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I'll jump in and answer for Jeff about the need to scale. CF is the most intense program on the planet when it calls for a met-con work-out (metabolic-conditioning). Individuals who are not in shape will fail and stop the work-out before they are able to hurt themselves. Well-conditioned athletes, like wrestlers and Special Forces Operators, are at risk to work too hard for too long without an adequate base for THIS TYPE OF FITNESS, and are therefore at risk for something call Rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdo is the flooding of the bloodstream with the debris of damaged muscle fibers after an intense work-out. This debris causes damage to the kidneys and very serious, life-threatening illness. The most famous case of CF-induced Rhabdo is that of a Special Forces Operator who jumped into an over-the-top WOD as his first ever (see today's WOD for an example of one of these), developed Rhabdo, and was hospitalized for several days. (Note that, while the same pathophysiology is in play, this Rhabdo differs from the more common heat/dehydration form).

By all means add CF to your regimen, but be smart and be safe. Visit, Jeff's site, for daily scaling suggestions.

Welcome aboard. Fasten your seatbelt.
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