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Wrestling is a good sport that fits in excellently with CrossFit. I wrestled at Hersey High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois. It was one of the best wrestling programs in the state. Our conditioning program was like 'nothing else.' And we regularly did intense interval training on the weekend, and then weight training. And shorter workouts on weekdays and then skill training.

Based on what you have stated. I'd recommend that you do CrossFit.

A lot of weight training even in sports today is bodybuilding. It has no real goal. Sure its strength training but it often focuses on muscle isolation. That obviously isn't what a wrestler needs. So while I'm sure (at least I hope so!) that you are doing squats, clean and jerks, and the like, I recommend you do these in the CrossFit way.

For example, if you go in for weight training, do what was one of the workouts this week. Just do 8 reps, working on max front squat.

Hell, if you start doing some of the metocon workouts in CrossFit WODs, I bet in about 2-3 weeks that you'll be in superior shape to everybody else on the team.

The only problem you might have is be under rested if you try to do WODs on top of the other conditioning you have to do. But if you scale the WODs you should be okay. Obviously, listen to your body. If its just feeling beat down all the time you are doing too much. And make sure you take a rest day. And of course, make sure you are eating enough of the good foods.
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