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Karl Steadman
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Jason from Brand X has been visiting London and we decided to rock out some new workouts we came up with.....thought we'd share!

Yesterday's was:

400m run
then 21-15-9 of:
hang squat cleans with 40kg (95lbs)
finish with one final 400m run

Jason got: 17.08
Karl got: 16.19
Rachel got: 15.46 with 20kg for HSC and standard burpees.

That sucked enough, but today we did.......

5 rds. for time

10 burpees
100m uphill sprint
20 squats

This absolutley sucked a good way!

Karl : 10.45
Jason : 11.24

I retched at the end of this one and Jason called it "emotional"

Photos of this drill to follow......
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