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Re: Rhabdo... 4 days after Rhabdo. URGENT

Originally Posted by Emily Mattes View Post
Yeah, if a client comes to you obese and overweight and ignorant you have to do more work with them and scale their workouts and bring them up to speed on their knowledge. And you know why? Because you're their damn trainer and that's what they're paying you $200/month to do. If they already knew that stuff and were fit they wouldn't need you!

You honestly think that Joe Schmoe off the street is at fault because he didn't know the risk of GHD sit-ups? How many people join Crossfit because they saw the results of friends and family and never even think to go on the boards or the main website, never step outside their affiliate's immediate community? That's their fault?

Furthermore--if you're saying a client should be aware of the dangers of rhabdo and GHD situps--and the vast majority of people do not know these things because they've never worked out at a Crossfit gym--then you're basically saying the program is more dangerous and injurious than engaging in another fitness activity. If that is the case, that should probably be incorporated into waiver forms.

So we should be expecting off-the-street clients to know everything in a Level 1 cert?
Actually, no, at least I don't think so. The point I was referring to above was addressing non affiliate soloists like myself.

I don't think it's unreasonable to expect people to do their own research before they show up at a CF gym. I mean why CF Ballys is cheaper? But it is surely a trainer's job to be ultra aware of a myriad of risks rhabdo one of them, and to educate them from there.
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