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Rob Samuels
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Re: apparently not eating enough?

I didn't read in the op's post where he said he wanted to gain weight or get stronger so he didnt ask for diet or exercise advise. At least I didnt read it that way, maybe I'm wrong.

It appears as though he is happy with his weight and his strength he is just wondering why the food calculators are showing him at a 1000 calorie defficit when he has been doing fine for a year on what he is currently eating.

My answer would first be that you are using incorrect data. Perhaos your estimates of your bmr are too high or you are under-estimating how much you actually eat, or a combination of both.

In addtion its all just a guesstimate anyway, your not going to be 100% using those calculations but 1k off is pretty substantial.

At any rate, if you are happy with where you are and its been working for you then stick with itdont worry about what some calculation is telling you, real world trumps "the science" every time.
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