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Re: apparently not eating enough?

You say you've been eating like this for a year and "have made considerable strength and speed gains" yet you're still squatting 175lbs. I'm not trying to be harsh, but you should reevaluate things. If you're doing Everett's program it will get you stronger since you'll be squatting and pulling pretty regularly, so the other important piece will be getting good technique from the beginning. Are there any experienced Oly coaches around where you live?

As for food, eat a lot more of pretty much everything--dense protein sources like meat and eggs, fruits and vegetables as well as dense carbs like sweet potatoes and oats, and good fats. Nuts aren't the best option for fats because most have unfavorable omega 6/omega 3 ratios, so I'd try to get your hands on some coconut milk or coconut oil. They're calorie-dense and full of good medium chain triglycerides.
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