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Re: Anders' log

Well... I ended up training anyways

Did a bunch squat cleans at Crossfit Copenhagen ( safe for work), some ring push ups, and a short metcon

I did:
30 x 1 Squat cleans (from 40kg/88lbs to 81kg/179lbs)
Worked mostly on technique. 75-81kg got heavy but i was not my maxing out. I'm still catching the bar above squat depth, so they were basically powercleans with a frontsquat.
5x10 Push up in rings
I always have 1-2 weaknesses i focus on. At the moment it's pushups and rope climbs.
Basically it means, that I incorporate push ups or rope climbs in all of my training sessions these days.
Push ups can be dynamic, ring, clapping, regular, whatever....
Rope climbs are with different techniques. I focus on the weaknesses until they aren't weaknesses anymore
2 amraps of 4mins (2 minute break between)
1 Clean&jerk @ 50kg/111lbs
1 Burpee-pullup
1 Clean&jerk @ 50kg/111lbs
2 Burpee-pullups
1 Clean&jerk @ 50kg/111lbs
3 Burpee-pullups...

1st round: 5 rounds + 1 C/J + 5 B-P
2nd round: 6 rounds flat
I felt really tired before the last metcon and it ended up beeing a massive suckfest! The simple workouts are always the worst!

Rest day tomorrow (i promise)

After a shower i met with some friends for coffee in sunny Copenhagen. Great sunday!


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