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Re: Sean's log

12-2-08 Day 2
OACU's 5 1/2L, 3R
1 1/2 L w/ 10#
1/2 R w/ 10#

1 Arm Dbell clean and push press (80#'s 2.5in)

Wrist curls x50 (35#'s)
Wrist roller 3x3 (25#'s)
2x4 pinch (30#'s) aimed for 15s

Adv. tuck planche holds
Tuck planche to straddle to tuck planche 2x2
Wall planche PU's 5x5

Standing rollouts 3x5
1 Arm progressions from knees 3x3

Training Notes: Posterior chain and pulling muscles are wrecked from yesterday. Took it kind of easy on some movements Beware! You'll probably see more RT workouts than CF ones.

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