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Sean Turner
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Sean's log

Been over at RT for a couple years logging my training. I guess you could say I'm a regular. Looking for a change of scenery and new faces. Playing sports my entire life. Mostly football and basketball. I have no gym access. All my equipment is homemade. Have 90lbs of weights, 200lbs of sandbags, couple ab wheels, 1dbell.

2 miles sub 12min
OACU's 10 on each arm
Planche & and pushup
Magic 50...80lbs w/ 2.5in bar under 9min
some others

2 miles in 12m36s
OACU's 5L, 4R, 2w/ 10lbs L, 1w/ 10lbs R
Almost there. Probably a month or two
Not close. 65lbs in 9m56s just yesterday w/ thick bar.

Random notes: Had knee surgery last year but still hurts like a mofo. Doctor said I also have a torn meniscus in my right knee but ran out of insurance before taking action. Sooooo if at any point you ask "Sean, what's up with the lack of lower body." it's probably a bad knee day. Some days I can hardly walk, others it seems I can run all day.

Let's start

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