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Re: New start, new log.

Okay, I haven't posted here in a while, but figured I'd do an update in case any of my old friends are still around. I've moved mostly over to logging on the T-nation logs, which are a lot more active than this log anymore, and I've been following more of a powerlifting routine, even though I'm not totally over doing some conditioning and crossfit, and I hit up a crossfit gym anytime I'm in a locale that has one.

Anyway, here's my last cycle of 5/3/1, to bring anyone who is interested up to date with where I am strength and conditioning wise:

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 1

Press - 5x110.5, 5x130.5, 10x145#
Accessory - FSL+ press 3x5x135#, pullups - 55 total, 1 arm DB press fat gripz 3x15x45# superset with bent over BB rows 3x10x135#

Forearms smoked today, I guess the mile carrying the 25# plate on Friday caught up with me...

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 2
Deadlift - 5x233, 5x273, 11x313#
Accessory - front squat - 5x20kg, 5x40kg, 3x10x60kg
Conditioning - farmer's walks 3x150ft with 2x45# DBs with fat gripz.

Okay, my forearms are completely destroyed now. It's amazing the difference the fat gripz make on farmer's carries. On the plus side, the front squats are feeling a lot better. My rack position is getting much more solid now that I've moved my grip. Good workout.

Conditioning - 7x200m run, first at warmup pace, each succeeding leg slightly faster, followed by 400m slow to cool down.

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 3
Bench - 5x145, 5x170, 10x190#
Accessory - FSL+ bench 3x5x155#, pullups 55 total, dips 15/15/20 superset with bodyweight horizontal rows 15/15/15

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 4
Squat - 5x215, 5x250.5, 15x280.5#
Accessory - FSL+ squat 3x5x225#

The wife had a Dr. Appt in Kansas City yesterday and we didn't get home until late, so my squat day was off by a day. I decided to push my last set and shoot for 15, hit it and could have kept going but my head was hurting when I pressurized my core on the last few reps, and I didn't want to blow a cranial gasket, so stopped at 15. Was supposed to also do good mornings and toes to bar, but I was pretty tapped out after the 15 reps of squats. I may hit them later after I take the dogs for a walk. First, I have a hot water heater to replace, though. The old one sprung a leak.

Conditioning - 5x400m run. Didn't push too hard, but didn't slack either. I just wanted to get some good blood flow in my legs to help recover from yesterday's squats, and get my heart rate up.

Hot water heater replacement was completed yesterday, today is cleaning up the back yard and starting to tile the bathroom.

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 5
Press - 3x120.5, 3x135, 3x155#, J+ 3x165#, 3x175#
Accessory - FSL+ press 3x5x135#, pullups 66 total, DB fat gripz press 45#, per arm 15/15/15 superset with 135# BB row 10/10/10

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 6
Deadlift - 3x255, 3x289, 3x333#, J+ 3x365#, 3x395#
Accessory - Front squats - 5x20Kg, 5x40kg, 3x10x62.5Kg

I kept double overhand grip through the 3x333# set, the most I've done for reps double overhand. I switched to my normal staggered grip for the joker sets, and 3x395# is another rep record, too.

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 7
Bench - 3x170.5, 3x190.5, 3x205#, J+ 3x225#, 3x240.5#
Accessory - FSL+ bench 3x5x185#, Pullups 70 total, Dips 20/20/20 superset with bodyweight horizontal rows 15/15/15.

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 8
Squat - 3x243, 3x273, 3x303#, J+ 3x333#, 3x360.5#
Accessory - FSL+ squats 3x5x273#, good mornings 3x10x130.5# superset with toes to bar 10/8/8.

Another week of joker 3RM records on all 4 lifts. The program continues to work awesomely!

edited for typo - I only wish I could squat 3x5x373#!

Conditioning - run 9x200m, 1x400m.

The lengths went as follows: 1-warmup pace; 2,4,6,8 - moderate run; 3,5,7,9 - sprint; 400m - cooldown. Legs felt a little tight from yesterday's squats to start, but loosened up nicely after warming up.

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 9
Press - 5x130.5, 5x145 (was supposed to be 3x, just did 5 without thinking about it), 8x160.5#
Accessory work - FSL+ press 3x5x135#, pullups 55 total, DB press 45# fat gripz 15/15/15 per side superset with BB rows 135# 10/10/10
Conditioning - waiter carry 1 arm 45# fat gripz, 2x150 ft, swapped arms at halfway mark.

Was supposed to do 3 rounds of waiter carries, but obliques were starting to cramp up... good core work!

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 10
Deadlift - 5x273#, 3x311#, 10x346.5#
Attempted accessory - Front squat - 5x20Kg, 5x40Kg, 3x62.5Kg

Deadlift went awesome, but front squats were a total failure - for some reason I was back to it sliding out of my sweaty rack position today. It was dark by then, so I called it a night. Not pleased with tonight, but at least I got some good deadlifts in.

Conditioning - 200m warmup run, 6x100m sprint, 200m cooldown run.

The sprints were all-out. 6x100m doesn't sound like much, but my legs were running out of juice by the last one.

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 11
Bench - 5x170.5, 3x190.5, 9x215#
Accessory - FSL+ bench 3x5x185#, pullups 65 total, pushups 3x25 superset with bodyweight rows 3x15.

Missed yesterday because I had to work late in order to ensure I didn't have to work today (my normal work week is technically 4x10, but since I'm in management I get to work as much as it takes to get the job done, which sometimes is 4x11-12, plus sometimes a fifth day of however long it takes to get the job done). Anyway, it was dark by the time I got home, and I don't have my garage lighted yet. I really need to do something about that, since it's going to be more of a problem as days get shorter.

5/3/1 cycle 7 day 12
Squat - 5x250.5, 3x278, 10x316.5#!
Accessory - FSL squats 3x5x273#, good mornings 2x10x125# superset with toes to bar 10/10/8
Conditioning - Farmer's carry 3x150 ft, 2x45# db with fat gripz.
m.48.5'7".185# Current lifts: Bench 245#, Squat 335#, Deadlift 405#, Press 170#

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