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Re: New start, new log.

Saturday 6/7/14 - 5/3/1 1's week squat
Power Cleans 3x135, 3x145, 3x155
Squat 5x195, 3x220, 5x245, Joker sets 1x265, 1x285. Squats felt much better than last week, I just had to concentrate on staying back on my heels. When I tweaked my back last week I sort of felt myself going forward onto my toes and had to compensate with my back.
Accessory work.
No conditioning, conditioning will be mowing the yard with push mower and weed-eating.

Okay, next week is deload week, so for all intents and purposes this wraps up my 5th cycle since I started back on 5/3/1. Progress is still going awesome, no sign of needing to reset on anything. I'm going to adjust a few small things based on Beyond 5/3/1, but nothing major, since right now everything is working awesomely, and if it ain't broke...

First, I'm going to switch weeks up, and order it as 3/5/1 - in conjunction with that I'm going to do Joker sets on the 3's week and 1's week, and leave the 5's week for volume. To that end, I'm going to do first set last on 5's week, as well.

As far as assistance work, not going to change very much.

Press day: Main lift plus joker or FSL; Dumbell press (currently doing 3x10 at 50#); weighted pull-ups (currently 3xmax reps with 25#); shrugs super-setted with curls. Not changing anything here, since my press is getting ridiculously stronger than my other lifts, and honestly stronger than it was before I injured myself.

Deadlift day: Power cleans after warmup 3x3; Main lift plus joker (not going to do FSL on deadlifts); front squat (currently 3x10 at 115#); Kroc rows (currently 25 reps at 60# is the most I've done); core work (mixing up situps, back extensions, planks, toes to bar). Not changing anything here since deadlift is still progressing nicely.

Bench day: Main lift plus joker or FSL; BBB Bench (currently 115#); Weighted dips (currently 3x10 with 45#), Tricep extensions ( currently 3x10 w/62.5# of stack of plates), no change here.

Squats day: Power cleans after warmup 3x3; Main lift plus joker or FSL; BBB squats (currently 155#); good mornings (this is a change, was doing leg curls on machine, but the machine is giving me issues, I'm feeling strain in my lower back and I can't get the machine set to eliminate it; my butt gets pulled forward and strains my lower back, and there's no way to lock it in. I haven't done good mornings in a long time, going to start with just the bar and work up from there); core work (same as Deadlift day).

Of course on Press day and Bench day, I'm doing face pulls or rows (on warmup sets) and pullups between working sets and joker sets. Also, I'm sticking with a rest week every cycle, instead of every other, as a nod to my advancing age and reduced recovery ability.
m.48.5'7".185# Current lifts: Bench 245#, Squat 335#, Deadlift 405#, Press 170#
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