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John Rivera
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Well, I used to never be able to get a single pullup. But over the past two-and-a-half weeks on the beginners' routine, I can now do 2-3 pullups... with a condition.

That is ONLY if my elbows are SLIGHTLY bent. Even a BAREST bent is fine. But if I hang in a complete deadhang, with my elbows locked out above me, I can't move up even a inch. My elbows just couldn't bend.

Is this normal? Are my elbow flexor muscles or whatever they are, pathetically weak? If I AM supposed to be able to pullup from a complete deadhang, what exercises can I use to strength this particular part? Remember that if it's ever the barest bent, I can pull off 3 pullups, so it's pretty insolated to the elbows. Any thoughts?
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