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Jay Cohen
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Doing some preliminary research on opening a CrossFit facility and have a few questions if answered will help tremendously. I also plan to take a road trip a visit a few of the affiliates.

1. Figuring average class size 15-25, basic size of building, i.e. Sq footage, ceiling height for climbing ropes, rest rooms yes, showers open for discussion.
2. Rural or Urban. Old whse space works, or could a solid barn work and have acreage for outdoor training? Para course, running, obstacle course, etc…
3. Estimate on Insurance costs for Liability.
4. Estimated equipment start up costs, assuming you make some stuff and buy balance.

Any other comments will be appreciated. Of course Certification is being assumed along with Marketing/Startup costs.

If you would like to respond off line, my email is

Thanks very much.

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