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Re: GetRx'd Crossfit Equipment

I bought some of their equipment, saw their ad in local craigslist, to stock up my garage gym. I'm probably one of their first customers in their Crossfit pursuit. I know they had their stuff made specifically for them in China. The prices were quite reasonable, and shipping for 730 pounds was about $150 from Houston to Dallas, unsure what your individual shipping prices would be. I dealt all through email getting a quote before having to provide credit card details.

Overall, you get what you pay for so keep that in mind. I haven't put all the equipment to the test yet, assume for a garage gym the quality will be sufficient enough. I bought a bar, 260 of bumpers, some KBs, matt, and some medicine balls. Having received the equipment I'd recommend to spend the extra money elsewhere on a good quality bar, and ab mats. The KB's are OK, but the handles are a little rough versus smoothed out.

Feel free to PM for pix or more details. Rich
Rich Case