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Re: Snatch fail @ 185

Originally Posted by Christopher R Morris View Post
Nope, I'm not a coach. So educate me about the hop.
Ok, good. To keep it simple jumping back is ok, jumping forward is almost always bad and not jumping forward or back is ideal. Usually jumping forward is a clear sign that the pull is bad either getting on the toes too early, not bringing the bar into the hips, etc.

The only time i've seen jumping forward with a good lifter is usually one of the top international lifters who are lifting near world records and at this point I think they can overcome a bad pull because they are so strong. For us normal folks if our pull is off and we kick the bar out front the odds are against us for saving the lift. So what needs to be focused on is getting the bar back into the hips and weight flat footed, elbows up and out, before triple extension and pulling under the bar. Even then you might see a slight jump forward depending on how hard somebody pelvic thrust the bar because they have not been taught how to extend upwards during the snatch and clean.
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