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Re: Snatch fail @ 185

Originally Posted by Christopher R Morris View Post
This looks like a solid lift. Good extension, good turnover to get under the bar, good receiving position.

I think the little hop forward is not a huge issue. Definitely better than a hop backwards. At least when you hop forward your heels are more likely to be under the weight of the bar when you receive.

I have two opposing ideas here. Either a pause or not pausing might have saved this lift.

First - was this a mental failure? Did the weight of 185# in an OHS position feel too heavy? There is the slightest forward travel of the bar after you received it, and you give up and dump it before it was truly beyond saving. If you can stabilize and be patient for one beat, feel solid in mind and body, then STAND UP, you would have had it. If I go frame by frame, that little forward travel of the bar starts with a softening of the shoulder position. So you're right about needing more confidence with external rotation.

Second - rather than a pause, keep that bar always moving up. If your extension is good to make that bar feel weightless, you may want to take advantage of that moment. The key is to turnover and get under that bar in a stable, solid OHS position quickly. Start to stand up from the OHS position while the bar is still weightless and traveling up.

Like this. (wfs) When done correctly it makes heavy snatches look easy.

If you rush that, however, you get the common error of the hips rising too soon, and you'll end up chasing the bar. (wfs)

What I see is that you turnover, lock-out, then move DOWN some to receive the bar at the bottom of the squat. If you can lock out under the bar and move UP, it's a more efficient movement.
please tell me you aren't actually coaching people and telling them this...
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