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Aaron Markovich
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I like the duct tape and athletic tape ideas. I definitely think it's worth a try.

I do feel that the gym did overreact. They must have asked me about ten times if I was "okay" or if I needed medical attention. I'm not a "screamer" (the guy who lets out a blood curdling scream for every curl or squat or press he ever does) but anybody is gonna sweat and breath heavily after 27 SCs @3/4 BW. Most people in the gym either run for hours on end or sit in weight room performing very static movements, but from their point of view I look like some crazy sweaty guy bleeding on equipment.

This is a gym where people dress up and try look good... without breaking a sweat. Also, it's at a university so disease and STDs would be two legitimate concerns of the school (even though I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle, they wouldn't know that.)

I'm not a big fan of sumo lifts (unless called for in the WOD) or straight legged DLs. I'd like to focus on form and consistentency of the movement so I can incorporate it into my Oly-lifts.

Sorry for the ranting, I said I didn't want to bash... I'm just interested to know if fellow CF'ers follow their own gym "etiquette." To me workingout/lifting has always been that, "work." It's hard and you get dirty, sweaty, thirsty, tired, a little bloody, etc. Thanks for all the constructive responses thus far.
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