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Eric Cimrhanzel
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Okay, I have a critique of today's WOD video. I saw this on the Fran video, too, but didn't think of it again before now.

I thought that one of the hallmarks of CrossFit was doing all of this work With Nearly Perfect Form. Was I wrong?

From the first muscle-up to the last, there is never a full lockout of the arms, either at the top or the bottom. One of the critiques a lot of us have of bodybuilders is that they do not lockout at all, thus decreasing both their flexibility and strength, something that CrossFit tries to build simultaneously (along with the other skill sets of fitness from CFJ #2).

On the Fran video with Greg (and the other CFer whose name I don't know), I saw that the pullups had rarely locked out at the bottom, and the Thrusters almost never did. A lot of times, there was no full lockout of the arms. Why not?

Granted, I personally cannot do 5 muscle-ups on rings in a row without a kip, but I can do 3 in a row on a bar with a slight kip. When I do them, I go from a full lockout dead-hang to a full lockout at the top of the bar. When I've practiced on the rings (my max is still 1), I still go from full lockout to full lockout. Same with Thrusters. When I teach them, I teach ***-to-grass squats (with as perfect form as the person can muster) and full lockout of the arms before lowering. When I did a Fat Fran (110lbs on the bar. Time: 13:03. Yes, I know it's slow) last week, I did the same thing with as great a form as I could from beginning to end, including the lockout and triple extension.

If someone can explain the reasoning behind this, I'd really appreciate it, but know that I'm personally wary of arguments that by fully locking out you're sacrificing power (work/time) in the WOD.

Other than that, the video still is an OUTSTANDING performance, and from what I've heard and seen of Greg, he's obviously very fit by CrossFit's standards! That WOD is going to be hard to do, no matter if you lock your arms out or not.

To avoid being an Armchair Athlete, like many of us around here (me included) so despise, I will attempt this WOD later on tonight or late tomorrow (I'm on a different schedule than the WOD right now), and post my time, subbing bar MUs for rings (no rings available), and possibly subbing 1.5pood kettlebells for 45lb dumbbells (Unless I can make dbs available). I know already I'll be slower than 8:54, and I'll do my best to find someone else to count my reps to make sure I lockout on every rep. If I could take video of my performance for ya'll to review and critique, I would, but I can't.
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