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Re: CrossFit - Reekbok Apparel...

I've been looking around, and I can't seem to find any other Reebok apparel online that is at the same price-point as the CF/Reebok gear. This is what really miffs me...hell, even the pro-sports teams' gear is priced less.

Reebok can say all that they want about supporting the community, but throwing $250k at the Games winner and making some clothing with snazzy phrases is NOT's just marketing. In my opinion, they are taking CrossFit (and more importantly, CrossFitters) for a ride. Nothing we can do about it other than let our wallets do the talking.

As someone else pointed out, where is the publicity from Reebok's end about the Games? Nothing at all about it on'd think if they wanted to "spread the word" and "promote CrossFit" then they would actually, ya know, DO IT (or is that too Nike-esque for them?).

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