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Re: CrossFit - Reekbok Apparel...

Originally Posted by Mark Ritchie View Post
They might want to do that, but I'm not sure they would be able to. Right now affiliation allows you to use the CF name, and you need a link on your webpage to Other than that, you're free to do whatever you want. If they start imposing specifics on how you run your business that are that details, they may start looking like a franchise, not an affiliation -- at which point CF HQ shares more liability for the actions of all the affiliates.

The logistics of having 1000+ plus affiliate printing all their apparel on Reebok clothing would also be pretty insane, especially with small print runs.

So I think it would be pretty unlikely.

What I think is more likely (although still probably not going to happen) is if they gave you the option, as an affiliate, to get Reebok gear printed with your affiliate's logo, etc. They would have to set up a custom print system sort of like CafePress, etc., so I think it is unlikely. But it would be great to have that option for special events, etc. I also think they should have a "pro deal" for CF affiliates similar to how in the outdoor industry, outdoor professionals (NOLS and Outward Bound instructors, etc.), can get gear and clothing at a discount. But that's probably not going to happen either.

There are lots of things that CF HQ can do/does that seem stupid, but trying to enforce a t-shirt rule for all the affiliates would be dumb. Not impossible of course, but just so difficult to do I don't think they'd bother.
In the Reebok Gear video in the Journal, it was directly mentioned by the Reebok employee giving the tour that they would be doing some affiliate apparel. So I already think this is an option.
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