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Re: Crossfit's definition of health

Originally Posted by Arturo Garcia View Post
I am genuinely curious, not trying to be a smartarse here... what is wrong with KB swings to overhead in metcons?
Edit: and why anything on rings? What about ring rows (feet supported somewhere, body straight) and ring push-ups, are they too risky?
I was being facetious and playing on some of the criticisms I've read of movements used in crossfit.

A lot of KB advocates think that swinging to shoulder height is adequate and that going above the head is risky especially since a lot of people lose core tension and let their backs go into hyperextension.

Rings require a lot more stabilization so if those muscles are weak there is the potential for injury if someone new to them loses control somehow. I've seen some pretty scary muscle-up attempts where one arm takes off. If someone wants to criticize butterfly pullups then I think muscle-ups can be far worse. There can be a tendency to roll the shoulders forward to compensate for weaknesses in ring dips. I think I'm guilty of that and may have injured my shoulder that way. Ring rows are probably the safest of the ring exercises that I can think of.

Most of the injuries I've witnessed from crossfit I believe have been due to over-use and not due to the exercises themselves. I've seen people with horrible form not get hurt and people with good form go down. If I coached I would be tempted to tell people to take a rest week every so often with a focus on mobility. I know that doing so has helped me get over some chronic issues.
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