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Re: CrossFit's definition of health

They talk about the injuries in the Level 1. We expect a certain number of injuries based on the intensity of the activity. It is a simple trade off.

What is of more interest to me is avoidable big injuries. This is purely circumstantial at this point it time but it seems ring work and shoulder injuries go together.

As a coach I'm interested in holding my athletes back until they have built capacity to do something with a very low chance of injury.

Dead lifts and squats are easy to coach and hold someone back if I don't like their form. What about someone who wants desperately to join the big kids club by doing a muscle up?

On we have a section for incidents and accidents. Many of these involve serious injury or death. The write ups are a non judgmental look at the known facts of each accident. In climbing there is no one to sue, the problem in CrossFit is how do we collect the data without getting sued if a pattern emerges?

At my gym I'm quick to back people off if their is any question of possible weakness. Yes, yesterday I had a 200 pound guy dead lifting 95 lbs in a WOD because he can't hold lower back position. Until he can no more weight for him.
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