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Re: Can't Lose Belly Fat

Originally Posted by Michael Dowling View Post
hey dan, just to clarify this statement so it doesn't come off wrong, because i didn't like how it read:

"you probably missed some clear queues about her unhappiness early on, and typically once a woman steps out and has an affair she's already out of the relationship."

myself and probably 99.99% of men will miss the queues too, a lot of women can be cryptic and expect you to read thier minds instead of just telling us what's wrong and many of us men miss this since we're incapable of reading peoples minds. so that statement wasn't a knock on you at all, or to excuse your wife's behavior, the affair is immature and selfish and entirely on her.

good luck man...

my advice on the beer is cut it back but only drink very good beer, make it worth it basically. to me a bud light or coors light just isn't worth the drawbacks, but sam adams octoberfest, chimay ale, hoegarden, sierra nevada pale ale, or st. bernadus definitely are.
Thank you very much Michael. Your words are spot on.

I am going to enjoy of couple of Sam Adams this evening while watching the Stanley Cup playoffs.
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