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Re: The Call Out - Tahoe Throwdown!

Tony Budding said during his commentary at the CF/USAW Open that Lipson and Orlando and some others made a drive through Cali, stopping at multiple affiliates on the way and completing challenges/WODs. He said it should make for some "epic" (his favorite word apparantly) Journal videos in the near future. I'm assuming that the 225# back squats for 20 reps was one of those challenges.

As for the range of motion issues...I think they were both getting depth, but the judges were asking for a full opening of the hip and Orlando was clearly not doing so. Personally, I think a full opening of the hip on a back squat is silly because you have to move the bar out from over the middle of the foot, which is the most stable and safe position. When you open up all the way, the bar is moved back over the heels (or else you are leaning way forward to compensate).
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