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Re: CrossFitters vs Decathletes

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
You actually have examples on the women's side of things.

Iceland Annie.... polevaulter.... never did much of any of the exercises. Was in 1st or 2nd until she got dropped by the muscle ups.

Lindsay smith.... decathlete.... never did CF until regionals last year. Made top 5.

Elite athletes would tear up the games pretty much... especially with specific training.

+ superior genetics.

As the stakes rise for the games (aka monetary prize for placing) you'll likely see more and more elite or former elite athletes trying to enter.

I do think the nfl, nba and top soccer players are a lot better at what they do than the top cfers are at cf since they have a bigger pool, the sports more fun, money is on the line, and they've been around longer. But I also think the women's events are not quite as close to their potential as the men's. That said, another athlete to add is Leah Polaski who played D1 soccer and then placed first in Georgia after a year of training. But, on the squat snatches in Regionals she had to power then OHS and it killed her (she tied for fourth and lost the tie breaker).
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