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Re: Vegan Paleo

Originally Posted by Jennifer Silveira View Post
Thank you all for the feedback!

I appreciate all of the advice although I must say I have no plans of including animal products in my diet. I realize this already makes me a bit of a misfit in the CF domain but I don't think it will affect my performance in any significant way.

In searching the boards I found many people criticizing and arguing against other member's ethical beliefs or support for specific scientific evidence.

In addition to my philosophical viewpoints on the subject (which, in theory could be argued against) I have issues with my digestive system, like IBS, which, for me, have warranted a vegan diet.

I'm knee-deep in the reading you all have provided and again thank you for your feedback. I am grateful for any and all help that I can get!
I've had lots of arguments here about the 'science' behind some folks beliefs, but never the ethics. if you have an ethical problem with meat or animal products, I respect that totally (I don't have that ethical problem at all).

I do think, though, you are really sort of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole to call a vegan diet Paleo.

Choose the diet that works best for you in terms of your results, sense of well-being and your ethics.

The underlying principle of the Paleo Diet is that your diet should mirror as closely as possible those of our pre-agricultural ancestors, because the vast majority of our evolution happened before that time. Those folks generally ate what they could find or kill which in many months of the year, (in many places) was darn little vegetation.

With regard to IBS, you really, really should consult Robb Wolf or another more progressive nutritionist with regard to gut irritation and a vegan diet. I'll just say this: since I've gone Paleo, when i do eat some small amounts of grain, my stomach tells me pretty fast.
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