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Re: TUF 10 - heavyweights

Holy crap, that was one of the worst fights I've seen! (And I've fought amateur in Missouri!!!) Kimbo obviously has some bricks for hands but not much heart and no technique. I feel bad for him to lose to such a ****** bag, who basically laid ontop of him and tapped him on the head until the ref called it. Then that fat bas@#$% tried to talk smack like he did something. But Kimbo basically was useless as soon as he hit the ground. He wasn't working hard, he wasn't even attempting anything.

Credit where credit is due, the fat bas@#$% did exactly what he had to do to win. So I have to give him props, but come on man, don't act like you knocked him out or submitted him when all you did was make the fight so incredibly boring that the ref had no choice but to stop it!!
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