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Re: Calf Strain while POSE running

Learning how to Pose from some videos online is a very difficult venture. I know, because I tried the same thing for nearly 4 months and just didn't get it.

I went to a CFE cert, and Carl figured out my issues immediately. I know it is difficult to find a POSE or CFE trainer. Here is my suggestion.

Video Tape yourself in POSE stance, pull drill and Change of Stance (COS) from both the left and right side. Post these videos to the Pose tech website (vimeo or google are best so they can download them and then analyze the video frame by frame if nessecary)

This will help you. Many of the coaches on the Pose website are willing to help you with suggestions and pointers free of charge.
If you are unable to get to a coach, this is the next best thing. Trying to self teach is tough.

As an aside, one common new POSE runner mistake is called "toe running". This means, you are focusing so much on landing on the Ball of the Foot (BoF) that you are staying up on your toes the entire time, and thus over working your calves. When you land BoF and under your GCM your heel will lightly touch the ground before you initiate the next pull. If your foot is relaxed and your are not landing in flexion you will not experience the severe calf soreness much, if at all. There is an adaption phase, but it should be no more than 2 weeks.

Oh, and until you get POSE down do not run more than 1/2 to 1/4 mile at a time. You are essentially relearning years of muscle memory and it can take some time. Do your drills, run a little, then drill some more. The CFE cert gives 6 weeks of "homework" to learning how to run pose. During this homework, at no time do you run more than 6 minutes at a time, and that is toward the end of the 6 weeks.

Hope this helps
Chuck B

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