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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Jeff Powers;

To piggy-back on Kempie's answer about upper body stuff I'm actually a pretty good example. Remember that my primary goal was to increase my strength so that I could lower my "Fran". The chink in my armor was strength and muscle endurance for that WOD. I have an injury-limited upper end on SP so we did lots of pressing as part of the short, heavy brutal met-cons. It's another variation of what Jeff Martin calls "compressing the upper range", decreasing the #'s between 1-, 3-, and 5-rep maxes.

An example might have been 5 Squat Clean Thrusters/Run 200M, 5 rounds for time, or 21-15-9 Heavy Push Press/PU. You can get an awful lot of mileage and work an awful lot of other exercises like Oly-lifts and bench (and heavy, too!) into the short met-cons.

Hope that helps.


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