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Re: CrossFit vs. GymJones

Only those who train in the back room of Gym Jones know exactly what Gym Jones is and isn't. Anyone else who presumes to know is confused.
They talk about members as disciples.

They're "exclusive," "by invitation only," and yet they have a pretty extensive website.... and courted publicity pretty aggressively by working with the 300 people.

CF, in contrast, is pretty open about what *it* is and isn't. Crossfitters joke about drinking the koolaid; it sounds like these folks hand out cups before they'll let you in the door.

No cults for me, thanks.

But at rock bottom, what they're after is pretty simple. Push yourself beyond your physical and mental limits and you will emerge a different person. Or die. To "take it to another level," push harder, at all levels. If you can.

That's not news. That's what Special Forces training is about, it's what traditional martial arts training was about, it's what elite military training has been about going all the way back to Sparta. If it's what you're interested in, you don't have to go to Salt Lake City to get it.


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